After snow activities #1

After we snowboard we like to party! We have several exiting and adventurous activities lined up for you and your shred buddies to enjoy once you are done searching for pow on the awesome mountains of niseko. 

 No other night activity holds more potential for glory than our weekly beer pong tournament. Possibly the most sort after crown next to the camp champ is the beer pong champion aka king/queen of the cup. The lucky/talented soul that holds this most prestigious title instantly gains fame throughout the crew and is quickly followed by clingy crew of japanese groupies that will be fleecing you for your recently acquired wod of cash.

For those of you that have already booked We look forward to seeing you at the other end of the table. For those that haven't booked now is the time because week 1 has sold out and week 2 is almost filled. 

Get in where you fit in, people camps!!

Greg Murray