5 STARS - The camp was a blast, met heaps of good mates and the best way to get better at snowboarding, everything was very organised an the coaches are top blokes. Cheers homies cant wait for next year!
— Jordan Martin

Who are they?

People Camps have some of the most accomplished and experienced snowboarders in the country with a combined experience of more than 50 years and a background hosting snowboard camps and tours around the globe.

We pride ourselves on being very approachable on and off the hill. Expect the perfect mix between fun and professionalism, a unique lifestyle experience consisting of good vibes, culture and snowboarding. This is a no-ego winter season's worth of information and good times jammed into a couple weeks!


What does the host do?

Hosted days on snow, taking you to hidden powder pockets across multiple resorts, pushing progression in your riding from the moment you get on the chairlift with technical tips to fine tune your moves. We love nothing more than seeing you land a new trick or just being stoked on your face shot from the last run. 

But it doesn't stop there, after the boots are hung up there are afternoon and evening activities. They'll have everything planned out from dinner venues to beer pong tournaments.  Want advice for a 'touristy down day', maybe go cat skiing or hike the infamous Mt Yotei volcano? No problem. All you have to do is pack your bags and get on the plane, we've got everything else covered.


Our People.


Luke Sinclair

Hometown - Sydney, Australia

Years Snowboarding - 10

Background - The classic 'better late than never' story. Luke found a love for skateboarding in Sydney's streets and schools as a teenager but by 19, a broken ankle that took years to recover shut him down. Fast forward 5 years and he flew to the Canadian Rockies for what was intended to be a 6 month break from the daily grind. That first season sparked a fire. 10 years later his love for snowboarding has led him to live, work and snowboard across the globe, and over the past 5 years flow that passion and knowledge into some unique snowboarding experiences.

Perfect day on the hill -

Deep dry pow till its dusted, arvo park laps, then some quality street food and a cold Sapporo with my pals

Greg Murray

Hometown - Byron Bay, Australia

Years Snowboarding - 11

Background - Greg went from weekend warrior to dish washing shred bum to professional snowboarder in no more than 5 years. The only one of the people staff to ever have his shot on a giant public billboard in Melbourne and is still hustling shots and co-producing edits that get play on transworld.com. Greg possesses one of those styles that makes everything look effortless and is a self proclaimed ambassador for the styled out 180 or 360 versus the hucked 7 or 9. Greg's been sharing his life and snowboard experiences with the people for years. 

Favourite run in Niseko -   

There's so many choices! Miharashi, the gash and then there's the gates and bowls. There's always a stash somewhere or KING park at Hirafu is all time on a sunny day.

Shaun Belmore

Hometown - Melbourne, Australia

Years Snowboarding - 15

Background - Shaun was making snowboard road trips with his family and catching rides with his pals parents at 11 years old. He began as a keen kid racing his mates through the gates and quickly developed into a solid freestyle and backcountry rider. Shaun has spent time at both ends of the coaching spectrum with TSC and other local programs, competed in multiple world class events while hustling video parts and magazine shots locally, and at an international level. Shaun is a wealth of wisdom for his age and has an undeniable froth factor for passing that onto the people.

Countries snowboarding has taken me too -

USA, Canada, Japan, Austria, New Zealand, Australia

Mimmi Sandstrom

Hometown - Boras, Sweden

Years Snowboarding - 16 years

Background - Mimmi's dad was a ski fanatic so she learned to ski with the family locally at a young age. By the time she was 12 she switched to a snowboard and was hooked immediately. At 16 she applied and was accepted to Sweden's snowboard high school (yea they have those) and moved up North. The next 7 years were a whirlwind of training, travelling, competing and making friends everywhere she went! At 23, Mimmi sustained a knee injury so she purchased a one way ticket to Australia for a change of scenery. She's since found a home surfing on the sunshine coast and still shreds amongst the gum trees during the southern winters.

Highlights from Japan - 

The POWDER, the lovely Japanese people and the sushi train restaurant!


Patty Campbell (Skier)

Home mountain - Mt. Buller, Australia

Years Skiing - 17 years

Hobbies outside of Skiing - Surfing, music, Mountain Biking, hiking, anything to do with the outdoors really.

Favourite thing about Japan - The culture. The way that their beliefs filter down into every day life is amazing. So much respect for their fellow human and their country. The foods just a bonus.

Last comments to the PEOPLE - I’m Pat, I like to party.
I’m so stoked to be a part of what these legends have created. If you’re a skier but all your buds are boarders, (which is the case for most of us skiers) then this is the perfect trip to incorporate everything you want from a trip with your pals. Or, just book a trip with your skier mates and we can shred around together! Look forward to meeting the crew for 2019


Colin Clarke & Greg Murray take a couple laps post camp

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